A modern scent company with an old soul. Playful, purpose driven candles to take you places.


Lord knows other people's smells can effect your travels. That's why we invented personal space spray - and put our travel candles on sale. They are little, easy to carry and pull out for a quick sniff of relief where ever and when ever needed. 

Our idea of celebrating Dad is to have a scented candle that smells of Dad's loves and use it when you want to feel him near. Pour l'air scents are made with manly notes like horse, hay, barn, books and such. Check our fathers day gift guide to pair a scent to his personality here. 

Pour l'air box

Pour l'air packaging is letterpress on cotton paper. It is an experience, hand assembled, made to keep mementos of days you loved.


I loved you today refers to the day. It's a reminder to find something to love in the everyday. It makes you happy. 

 Travel candles, 2 oz burns 15 hours.

Travel candles, 2 oz burns 15 hours.

 Pour l'air tshirt is about love and light. Tomboy cut, cotton.

Pour l'air tshirt is about love and light. Tomboy cut, cotton.

Pour l'air vessel

The Pour l'air vessel is two sided. It is designed as a vessel to keep and reuse with things you loved in a day.

Wondering which scent to get?


1. A story you want to experience.

2. A scent pairing that matches your decor. Check our scent pairings here.

3. Scent notes that interest you. View below or in the candle descriptions here.

4. A character that matches you or how you want to feel. Noted below and in the candle descriptions here

5. The zone you want your mind to be in. We practice aromachology, the psychology of aromas which studies the relation between psychology and scents to give each scent a purpose. A way to get your mind into various zones. They are on the labels and in the candle descriptions here. 


Pour l'air is Seen and been in lots of places. 

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