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THE STORY.  a hot afternoon in 1974 and she’s running through the sun streams in a dimly lit hayloft. the fresh hay squishes beneath her bare feet. the bits of hay float to meet the hazy windows. she jumps through the far opening and lands into the oat bin causing a cloud of grainy dust to waft through the light. she’s hot and dusty. she runs past the musty tack room layered in leathers, wool saddle blankets and hemp ropes down the worn wooden corridoer and into the icy concrete trough constantly running with creek fed water. it’s calming and shocking all at once. 

THE PURPOSE. hayloft is designed to take you to a place where you feel your instincts. where natural smells of hay mingle with wet concrete and wood to ignite your insides and make you feel youthful and alive. 

Use for igniting instincts. 

THE CHARACTER. edgy and playful, almost naughty. an innocent undertone invigorating yet soothing with the wild water making wet concrete dance with cut greens and sunlit wood. fresh.

THE NOTES. Edgy playful notes of hay, old wood and wet concrete.

Pour l'air scented soy candles burn 60 hours. They have a high level of premium grade fragrance so the cold throw is great meaning the scent lingers and lasts even when not lit. It is $80 that last and lasts.

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Pour l'air candles burn 60 hours. The cold throw is high so you don't have to have it burning to smell it. The luxe smell lingers and the vessel is lovely decor. If you think about it, the cost per hour is only just over $1. Makes scents.