Pour l’air is about moments to love in the everyday. We create scents from stories designed to get your mind wandering to a place of ideas and inspiration.

POUR L'AIR noun [for the air] 1. making scents of stories. 2. oddly familiar scents. 3. visceral, made to make you feel. 4. experience based scents. 5. baffling notes earthy, dirty, soothing. 6. scented candles made with purpose to move your mind to create, inspire, daydream, meander and more. 7. poetry for the air.

THE NOTES: Modern, edgy notes like paper, books, wet concrete, horse, hay, forest dirt, rotting roots, sun dried sheets, india ink, bourbon, tobacco, leather of an old car, black fig, orange rind. Notes that smell like a man was there, like a cowboy just walked in, like a tree is aging, a forest floor drying. We studied the science of scent and worked with fragrance developers to create these scents to be more interesting, warmer, soothing...more mind moving. Each candle does smell like the story.

THE PURPOSE: Each scent is made with a purpose as the Pour l'air passion is to help others find light in the day, to find inspiration to follow their dreams. They are a modern form of meditation.

THE CANDLE: 9 oz soy candle. Burns 60 hours. Premium fragrance. Letterpress, cotton packaging.

THE BRAND: Pour l'air is an elegant yet raw brand with a passion to help people find their own passion.

HOW TO USE THE SITE: scroll through the collages in the scent story section. Let your mind wander with the stories we wrote, note the purpose of each story. The candle smells of the story. Choose the scent based on the story or purpose you wish to experience. If you are an interior designer or looking to pair a scent with your space, see our suggestions in our scent pairing section.

Enjoy your experience. Share your story with #pourlairscents