If you close your eyes

And hold my hand

I will take you 

To a place

Where horses meander 

Where innocents flows

passion is raw

creativity pours

Where rotting roots replenish

forest bathing strips 

Where all that remains 

is scent 

And the story your body 

will tell. 

ABOUT Jocelyn Fortier [creative director] I have been developing fashion branding and campaigns for 20 years - taking brands to international success, creating sketches and sayings, art directing, designing and creative directing photo shoots with renowned photographers and models. I loved everyday. Now I am pouring my passion into my own brand Pour l’air. Breaking all the rules I wish, making my own mess and writing my own story. I always used scent to get my mind to where it needed to be. I am fascinated with scent and the power of it so I spent time making scents of stories that you can get out of your head and into your dreams. Based on the science of scent affecting minds and moods, I write stories then work with highly skilled fragrance developers to make the stories into scents. Pour l’air scents are designed with purpose. They are designed to be an experience, to move your mind to hear your heart. Like a lover or a mother reading to you, they soothe and make the mind wander. A great way to use the candle is to have someone read the story as the candle is being lit. Let the scent fill the space and let your mind wander through the story.

THE CANDLE is a 9oz soy blend that it throws the fragrance the best, cotton wick for a clean burn, not tested on animals, handmade in LA. The box is inspired by an elegant yet raw man in a classic white tshirt, strong and sensual. The art I loved you today is referencing our overall purpose which is to help you find moments of inspiration and lightness in every today. Both the vessel and the box have been designed for you to keep your stories, notes or mementos - to reuse with pieces you loved about a day.

COLLECTIONS. The inaugural collection is inspired by smells intoxicating, visceral and poetic...slightly rotting roots, horse, hay, backseat makeouts. Each takes you to a different experience and ignites a different feeling. Each has a different purpose__getting you into a creative space, a passionate place, wandering, a place of curiosity, daydreaming, renewing or napping. The collections will grow with stories collected from what I hear, see, live or remember. 

SHARING STORIES. I would love to hear stories of scents. Share your stories, sayings and photos with #makingscentsofstories. A curiosity I have is to travel by choosing destinations based on scent. Those visuals can be shared with #scentstowander. Interior design is a passion of mine, I think every space should be paired with a scent. Watch for our features on #scentpairings.

PHILOSOPHY. While our style is modern, clean, simple, we like it a little messed up. A little lived in. Our term is A Modern Mess. It is a world without perfection. We believe in Wabi Sabi. We believe in following your dreams, your path. Listening to your heart that you may know your path. Daydreaming is where I hear my heart which is why I work naps, wandering and daydreaming into my stories. These are the moments one will hear their heart and feel that all is ok. My goal is to inspire. To create a sense of lighthearted light that helps to see moments in the everyday.

inspiration behind the box...a young Paul Newman in a white cotton tshirt. So sensual. Elegant yet raw. 

inspiration behind the box...a young Paul Newman in a white cotton tshirt. So sensual. Elegant yet raw. 

Our cotton paper box is in the works.